LGBTQ OverReviews and More! 2017 Goals and Plans

Happy New Year Everyone!

This may or may not have been me over the holidays

I was pretty busy over New Years, so my usual year-end posts aren’t done. Once I am done with this, I will be getting those finished (these include Best of 2016 Anime and Films, as well as my anticipated 2017 films). I also have another analysis about Mary and Max that I plan on publishing sometimes after that.

Anyway, the main thing I am here to post is my challenge for the year.

I am going to review at least one LGBTQ+ Anime every month

I may just post the reviews at the end of the month, or before depending on the anime and when I finish it. I am doing this as an exercise to explore how romance is portrayed in many different ways across anime (since most shows I plan on checking out are romance focused), or even to see how anime wants to portray this. I know many shows, films, or OVA’s that I can use to do this. There are such a large amount of anime out there that use yaoi and yuri, but I want to try and find the best examples in the medium. Though, I also admit that a lot of this is just artistic curiosity, and I’ve been curious about trying many of these anime for a while now.

Here is how I plan on doing this. I am watching most of these for the first time, which is because I haven’t seen a heck of a lot of yuri/yaoi/other anime, and only plan on rewatching and reviewing maybe 2 or 3 anime I have already seen. I will not choose anime that have small undertones of yuri or yaoi, but will if there are enough undertones and they actually matter to the focus of the anime. As long as the focus is on someone identifying with LGBTQ+, it counts. This means I can’t choose a show like Free! which has more undertones and fanservice than anything. But I can choose a show like Sakura Trick since it focuses on lesbians. I will come up with a witty-sounding name for them before the first one comes up. Unfortunately, I can’t speak on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community and don’t know a lot of politics behind it, so I will be analyzing every anime as anime and their artistic presence as I do with every other anime.

Be on the lookout for when these pop up, I hope I can complete this.

In terms of other personal goals, I just plan on clearing up my large watchlist and many o my on-holds. I also have never finished an anime longer than 52 episodes, so I am going to try and commit to longer shows this year here and there. I was watching Cardcaptor Sakura and Fushigi Yugi a while ago, and will hopeully finish Yu Yu Hakusho soon. Also Gintama may be officially ending it’s anime run after this new patch of episodes, so I may try and catch up in time even though I am 300 episodes behind.

This is about all I have right now, I will be recapping 2016 in later posts, and they will be happening soon.


Author: (AniMo)nologues

I am an animation fanatic. While I do watch Disney and Pixar, and other blockbuster studio stuff, I specialize in the big picture of animation. This includes Indie projects, Anime, World Cinema, other TV Series and Short Films. This blog will serve as a way to write stuff and get my opinions out there with the absence of video making equipment. I will post rambled thoughts, and possibly reviews or countdowns.

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