My Mission and Introduction

Hello and Welcome to Animated Monologues,

My goal with this page is to talk about the wonderful world of animation. I like to look at animation in all of it’s different forms including but not limited to; Anime, Television Series, World/Indie Cinema, Blockbuster Animation, and even Classic Shorts.

Everything I discuss and ever plan on discussing is based partially or entirely on opinion. If you disagree with anything I say, so be it. This blog is more centered around discussion and having a platform to talk about what I love.

You are welcome to stay and look around, I will be updating depending on what I feel like talking about. The subcategories are here so you can find what interests you more, but I hope that you check out everything you can.

Best Wishes, I hope you enjoy your stay,

Keenan (AniMo)

Here’s all my anime I’ve seen

Here’s every animated film I’ve seen


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